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Our Favorite Underutilized Storage Spaces

Suffering from clutter claustrophobia? Scrap your storage unit plans and don’t let these underutilized storage spaces go to waste! Minimalize the mess with these creative storage ideas for small homes.

20 Clever Clutter Solutions for Upping Your Storage Game 
Tons of space, there for the taking!

  1. Linen & Coat Closets
    There’s often a great deal of wasted space in linen and coat closets, from low, loosely stacked towels to the dead airspace beneath jackets. First, downsize items you don’t need, then stack items tighter and higher on shelves, adding stackable storage bins and boxes to make the most of squandered space.
  2. Behind Doors
    Just because they’re made for shoes or clothing, doesn’t mean you can’t store other items with them. Over the door shelves and hooks maximize door-side real estate.
  3. Above Doors
    Adding floating shelves above doors in your home offers out-of-the-way, effective storage for books, toiletries, and more. Make your own with paint, plywood and brackets, or opt for ready-made fare. Just be careful when stacking, keeping clutter away from air vents.
  4. Behind the Couch
    Move your couch a little over a foot from the wall, making your home feel cozy and squeezing in extra console table storage. Need more flexibility? Skip the table in favor of stackable boxes instead.
  5. Under Coffee & End Tables
    Take advantage of this open space with the help of decorative boxes or baskets, storing them on table undershelves or directly on the floor. Keep stacking neat to avoid a cluttered feel.
  6. Under Desks
    Keep cords and chargers in easy reach with open stacking baskets, labeling cords for easy hookup and charging.
  7. Under the Bed
    Lifting your bed up and out of the way for the incorporation of under bed boxesbed risers are a quick way to add a fair amount of storage space for seasonal/rarely used items like sweaters and linens.
  8. The Foot of the Bed
    A storage chest or matching ottomans at the foot of the bed is another easy way to add multifunctional storage space.
  9. Kitchen Cabinets
    Though in high-demand for cooks, those who rarely cook and eat out often should have ample opportunity for storage within kitchen cabinets for everything from office supplies to craft materials. Downsizing items and reorganizing these areas can likewise net additional storage. Ditto for storage spaces in dresser drawers, hutches, and other furniture.
  10. Cabinet Doors 
    Take advantage of cabinet door space with 3M hooks, suspending utensils, small appliances, and more from this easy-access space.
  11. Beneath Shelves
    Stash smaller items in convenient under-the-shelf baskets, taking advantage of space beneath shelving throughout your home.
  12. Under the Oven
    The drawer under your oven offers ideal storage space for pots, pans and cookie sheets. Just be sure to avoid ‘warming drawers.’
  13. Around the Washer/Dryer
    Slide a storage caddy to the side of (or add a pedestal beneath) your washer/dryer for easy-to-reach storage.
  14. Bookshelves
    Carve out space for smaller items in decorative boxes or baskets, staggering them to hide clutter amongst the shelves.
  15. Wall
    Low on storage? Adjustable wall mounted shelves are a fast, affordable way to add storage anywhere in your home. Shelves adjust quickly and easily for on-the-fly changes and additions. Tip: If you have at least 12-inches between shelves, add an extra shelf for additional storage.
  16. Windowsill
    Stack your favorite books and collectables in the windowsill facing outside or in.
  17. Under Stairs
    Under the stairs is a great area to add shelving, a closet, or work nook.
  18. The Floor
    Floor space in the pantry, laundry, and other odd areas can be maximized vertically with stacking shelves and stacking baskets.
  19. Nooks & Crannies
    Store slender items like mops and brooms between the wall/fridge or washer/dryer.
  20. Ceiling Trusses
    Trusses in the garage or attic are a great place to stash seasonal items out of the way.

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