2012 Fall Centerpiece Idea

With Halloween over and the candy mostly eaten, Thanksgiving will soon be in the air…

For some it’s too soon, for others it’s not soon enough, but here is a fall centerpiece decorating idea that will last from now until Old Man Winter arrives.

Leftover Canning Jars?

If you like to do canning in your household, you can use leftover jars for fall decorating and make it your own!

  • Simply take candy corn, dried corn kernels, pumpkin seeds or the like, and fill the jar about a quarter of the way
  • Fill the rest of the jar with artificial leaves
  • Place artificial flowers of your choosing as the bouquet
  • Tie a matching ribbon around the lip of the jar for a final touch
fall centerpiece

Photo Credit: doug.neiner of Flickr

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by Molly Maid