Clean with microfiber products – tips from a professional housekeeper!

Using microfiber is a great way to do a little maintenance cleaning in between visits from your Molly Maid team. If you’ve never tried cleaning with a microfiber cloth, the results may surprise you.

Microfibers are mostly made of polyester, and, unlike cotton, they leave no lint behind. They are usually knitted and very soft. This makes them generally safe for use even on painted surfaces. Just make sure they haven’t latched onto a small piece of grit that could cause a scratch.


My favorite feature of microfiber cloths is their superb ability to absorb oil and grease. Keep a cloth handy in your kitchen and see how well it cleans up the grease around your stovetop – even without a cleanser.

Microfiber cloths or mop heads do a great job on hardwood or vinyl floors too. The secret is not getting the cloth or mop head too wet. After vacuuming, use a spray bottle filled with a floor cleaner (or even plain water) and buff the dirty area.

Using microfiber eliminates up to 99 percent of bacteria – about three times the effectiveness of traditional cleaning cloths. This is why many hospitals have converted to microfiber cloths, towels and mops. These microfiber cleaning products have dramatically reduced cross-contamination between hospital rooms.

You can find microfiber cloths for sale in almost any cleaning aisle. The smooth ones work better on glass (less likely to absorb grit that can scratch), while the cloths with a more textured surface do better at using a little friction to help in scrubbing.

You can safely launder them in hot water, but use a cooler setting for the dryer. A hot dryer will ruin them. Don’t launder them with cotton or use fabric softener – both can reduce their effectiveness.

A couple of minutes with a microfiber cloth will help keep the grease and dirt at bay between your Molly Maid visits. Give one a try! Discover more helpful cleaning tips from Molly Maid.

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by Molly Maid